Vera Stride

Vera Stride is a self taught artist and sculptor living in Torbay. From the first moment she started working with clay in 1964 she was hooked. She enjoyed working with the clay as though she was drawing in 3D and was able to explore all the contours within a pose. Vera prefers to work directly and quickly, without reference to other material.

Vera is mainly interested in capturing expression, movement and character in her sculptures. She is very inspired by human and animal form, movement, body language, expression and character.

Drawing is a very important part of Vera’s creative process. She prefers to work from life but can also work from photographs. She now mainly works in ceramics where surface texture, colour and glaze effects are important features of her work. This is especially apparent in her Raku pieces. Over the years Vera’s sculpture interests have broadened and developed, as she now specialises in the Japanese pottery technique called Raku and smoke firing techniques.