Rik Pitman

Rik Pitman left school and completed a multi-disciplined engineering apprenticeship where he continued working as an engineer into his early twenties. He simultaneously worked as an amateur photographer producing art photographs.

Rik moved to Cornwall in the mid 1980’s and opened a photographic studio and art gallery on the promenade of Penzance. He worked as a press photographer and a portrait/wedding photographer for a few years, before realising he had diverted away from what originally drove him to make this move. He chose to move back to his Engineering career to earn a living whilst continuing his more artistic aspect of photography in his free time.

He continued to study art, including sculpture and ceramics up until he became self-employed in 2006. From then on he was able to dedicate more time to working as an artist. He works with a variety of mediums and processes, including sculpture, painting, print making and ceramics.

Since 2002 he has spent time working in both his studio in Devon and his studio in the Valencian region of Spain. The influences of Rik’s surrounding environments are evident in much of his work.

After careful consideration and re-evaluation Rik decided to embrace the Engineering disciplines he had gained throughout his career and use them to his advantage. This is the approach he continues to use in his own work. He believes it is important to follow this structured approach when constructing 3D work, print making and ceramics.

Many subjects continue to stimulate Rik, although there are some subjects that are very key. These include: nature/natural environments, environmental related issues e.g. materials & resources, consumerism and the changing landscape, depletion of craftsman related skills and the concept of time/repetition of events.