Luci Coles

Luci Coles trained as a sculptor, graduating from Wimbledon School of Art in 2000. Her work demonstrates a unique blend of experimental and traditional techniques, materials and aesthetics; a sense of history in a contemporary object.

Her work incorporates a variety of materials from stone and wood carving to assemblages of recycled and reclaimed materials. She creates sculptures and relief paintings using a variety of materials, always incorporating recycled, reclaimed and found elements.

She is fascinated by traditions and cultures, the objects of worship and our beliefs, evolution and erosion, water washed shapes and textures created within rock, by ruins, weathered surfaces and anything fossilised. Luci’s life long pursuit it to capture beauty and discover what is important by the power of nature and the concept of value. Her work often revolves around the idea of giving nature a helping hand, depicting nature's reclamation of the world of man. It also contains an environmental theme or uses recycled materials.

Over the past two years Luci has found the time to reflect on what she does and observe the world. This reflection period has emphasised a theme emerging in her work, a disappointment in the way we live. Her practise is becoming more and more of an observation on the contradictions involved in being human. She judges herself as part of this human condition. It is so easy to switch off the news and enjoy the view.

Luci is currently fighting a personal war on plastic. Her environmental and ecofriendly ethos is evident throughout her work. Luci uses material to suit her ideas, but she often incorporates the use of recycled materials into the piece. Her work is a comment on the environment around us, where the form and textures of the piece compliment the message. Although, Luci is primarily a sculptor and she enjoys the rawness of stone and pale clays for the way they stand out in a landscape and draw the eye. This further emphasises her message.