Louise Dixon

Louise Dixon is a Brixham based artist who examines the process of contemporary Aboriginal painting. The creation of this discipline is often a result of wishing to convey a story, a journey and an informal relationship with landscape, nature and the environment. Louise has found similarities with this, to her own interests in maps and aerial views.

Through the painstaking hand application of over painted dots, linear structures and sequences, Louise visually expresses a notion of movement and energy within her art. Dots of pure colours of enamel are painted onto an acrylic sheet by Louise, then fixed top the top of a picnic table to combine the elements of sculpture, painting and design together. Due to the nature and practicality of the picnic table the viewer is invited to sit down. The extensive order of dots creates empty shapes.

For her piece in the Sculpture Trail, these empty shapes denote a history of a picnic that may have taken place at Cockington Court. The observer sitting at the table can then have a picnic on top of the artwork. Does this event make the picnic a “happening” or is it just someone having a picnic?