Jo Golesworthy

Jo Golesworthy specialises in creating sculptures of microscopic pollen grains. Jo reproduces
pollen grain forms and textures from scanning electron micrograph images to three dimensions. By reproducing pollen forms in an architectural material, she attempts to illustrate a botanic world, ubiquitous yet invisible to the naked eye.

Recently, considerations of scale and illustrative accuracy have resulted in new and colourful grains made using recycled paper at approximately 10,000 times magnification making the sculptures around 50cm diameter. The sculptures are hand-built by Jo in a limestone compound, which may stand outdoors slowly growing a botanic patina of its own. They can also be cleaned or lime washed if required.

Her tough, weather resistant pieces have proved popular with beekeeping organisations as curious and informative material at horticultural and scientific events, raising awareness of pollination processes, pollinators and their current alarming decline.