Bridget Arnold

Bridget Arnold has been making flags for the past five years. She started by working for the Credition Flag Project in 2013, putting up over 50 flags on the high street. Bridget was trained by Veronica Gould and Andrea Foxwell as part of the innovation award scheme for Crediton.

Since then Bridget has run community projects, school residencies and private tutorials across
South Devon to help individuals make their own flags. The Bovey Tracey Community Project,
now called ‘Proud 2B Here!’, is ongoing to with more flags going up this year.

Bridget is a member with Devon Guild of Craftsmen for Appliquéd flags and banners. She has
exhibited her flags and banners throughout the South of Devon.

She is inspired by sense of place; her work tells the stories about where the flag will be placed so they are all made uniquely and individually. The flags usually have some input from the people who are involved with the environment or locality.

Bridget uses rip stop nylon from hot air balloons, which is a very strong, and sewing machines to create her flags. Recently, her flags have been based on botanical items as she looks at nature and her surrounding environment for inspiration.