About the Artists

Get to know the artists behind the wonderful sculptures in our Sculpture Trail. 

Charlotte Barrat

Charlotte Barrat is a Fine Art student at South Devon College and currently works in 3D, incorporating metal and cardboard and experimenting with movement.

William Barsley

William Barsley is a traditional woodcarver whose work ranges from traditional heraldry to restoration work and contemporary commissions. Currently in his final year of training at the City and Guilds of London School of Art, William is also a writer for the Guild of Master Craftsman Woodcarving magazine.

Polly Brown

Polly Brown is a ceramic and glass artist, and describes her designs as being guided by the patterns and colours in the materials. Inspired by visits to countries around the world, Polly also uses ceramic and glass pieces found walking around Devon.

Bob Dawson

Bob Dawson is a sculptor whose work is inspired by issues surrounding the South West coastline. In the sculptures, surface textures play a part – often using figurative elements hidden in surrealist overtones.

James Derwin

James Derwin is a contemporary artist and is most known for his hot wax paintings, although also produces other-worldly installations like the one here in our Sculpture Trail.

Louise Dixon

Louise Dixon is an artist who examines the process of contemporary Aboriginal painting. Through painstaking hand application of over painted dots, linear structures and sequences, Louise visually expresses a notion of movement and energy within her art.

Phil Dixon

Phil Dixon is a sculptor, working with welded metals, polyester resin and found objects. Many of Phil’s pieces are designed to evoke a particular emotion or to look more closely at mankind’s relationship with our natural environment. 

Phil has been a committee member of several art organisations and was shortlisted for the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize in 2016.

Tony Fagan

Tony Fagan is a Master Chocolatier and co-founder of Cockington Chocolate Company. Handcrafted in his studio, Tony’s chocolate sculptures are created using a range of methods including carving, moulding and piping.  

You can find Cockington Chocolate Company in our Sea Change Studios.

Jo Golesworthy

Jo Golesworthy is a sculptor whose work takes a look at pollen, inspired by a grainy black and white Scanning Electron Micrograph found in an old copy of National Geographic. Jo brings the dynamic form of tiny pollen grains to a human scale, with each grain hand built from the inside out using architectural materials.

Angela Holmes

Angela Holmes’ principal work and passion is sculpture, creating fluid, tactile forms in stone and clay. Her works aim to stand with a quiet presence and dignity, addressing the contemplative nature of the viewer.

Rosie Musgrave

Rosie Musgrave is a stone carver and sculptor. Having carved her first piece of stone in her early 20s, Rosie returned to the craft after raising a family and working a smallholding and therapeutic practice.

Rik Pitman

Rik Pitman works in a variety of mediums and processes including sculpture, painting, print making and ceramics in a process he describes as ‘constructive abstraction’. Rik’s work is partly inspired and influenced by his studio space in the Valencia region of Spain.

Sophie Reshad

Sophie Reshad is a practising artist, specialising in sculpture. Her work breathes life into the seemingly inanimate form, contrasting movement with lifeless materials and manmade compositions.

Deborah Treliving

Deborah Treliving is a contemporary artist, exploring the power of colour through painting and print making. Experimenting with materials and processes is at the heart of Deborah’s studio practice, where she uses a wide range of techniques innovatively.

Deborah is based in our Stable Yard Studios.

Marissa Wakefield

Marissa Wakefield studied ancient methods of Ikat dyeing, with wrapping and binding playing a key part in her work thanks to her fascination with burial rituals of ancient cultures. Marissa experiments with handmade paper, embedding items into layers of the pulp, and has begun exploring ways to turn her creations into 3D sculptures.

Marissa is our Centre Director here at Cockington Court.

Hugh Woods

Hugh Woods’ work mainly consists of free form, hand-built ceramic objects, each uniquely decorated with expressive colour and texture. Working in a variety of scales, Hugh creates pieces from mid-scale interior objects to sculptural works for the garden.

Hugh is based at our Sea Change Studios.

Trish Woods

Trish Woods designs and makes statement jewellery pieces and giftware that explore the contrast between form, surface, colour and texture. Working predominantly in pewter, Trish takes her inspiration from the world around her including nature, the human figure and architecture.

Trish is based in our Sea Change Studios.