Sculpture Trail Blog: Helen Bacon - 'Sun Lady'

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The most exciting thing to happen, and it's a dream come true, is that in the last week I have moved into one of the Cockington Court Stableyard Craft Studios, as the resident artsist, to work on my piece for the Sculpture Trail.

Previously it has been in the kitchen at home, but the logistics and frustration of working on a large piece in a small space became very apparent when we couldn't get to the fridge or microwave!

So, it's been a very timely move, harmony and food prep ability restored at home and all systems go at the studio!

'Sun-Lady' (it's working title which has stuck), will be a large painted wooden figure with outstretched arms holding two staffs, intended to be placed in the walled garden as a shrine, way-side marker.

At over 2 metres tall, a colourful, vertical accent in the landscape.

It's been interesting getting feedback in its current state, with uncensored comments such as... 'it's a clock!, someone's making a clock in there...', hmmmm, so I think I have some work to do!

I am positive it will all come together, at the moment still building and making sure it has structural integrity before beginning painting which will bring it to life. Last count, over 140 component pieces.

My reward and satisfaction comes from the public's response to the work in situ.

Hopefully positive! Even if only one person comes across it and exclaims ' Oh WOW...I love it!'....job done!

I'm also working towards my show 'Wonder-Works' - 'A Curious Collection of Cupboards, Cases and Characters' which will open the 26th May in the Kitchen Gallery at Cockington Court.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to present a showcase of my work, marrying three aspects of my creative practice namely furniture making, an interest in reliquaries, and puppetry.

So, I'm a very busy bee, but always happy to chat about my work...

I'll be in the studio!

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