Sculpture Trail Blog: Phil Dixon – A Planetary System

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My sculpture continues my concern with a number of subjects. For some time I have referred to themes of mortality, and my place within the world. I have analysed human beings relationship to nature and I have reflected on the fact that nature always has the upper hand.

This piece, as with previous work, imagines some form of alien life which may or may not exist outside of our own world and solar system. I aim to create a fictional planetary system which represents alien planets far away from ours. I have referenced redundant technology in the form of manual hand drill mechanisms which can be used to revolve the planets. I find references to the advancement of technology help to show where we have come from as a race, and how we are evolving. The sculpture will use traditional methods of hand crafting to make it, and will include traditional tools used by crafts people. This echo's the role of Cockington Court as a craft centre. 

So far I have been sourcing and collecting hand drills. Some have come from friends and family and all are second hand. This adds an extra element for me, of re-purposing tools which have already seen one or more generations of life that have used them. I have started constructing my first planet by cutting, shaping and welding scrap mild steel sheet.

I plan to make other planets from other metals such as copper and aluminium and some from fibreglass. I want to use different materials, colours and textures for each planet.


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