Pearson and Pearson find us the perfect location for their business

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When Sam and Susan Pearson were looking to move away from the South East they found Cockington to be the perfect new base.

The couple have now opened Pearson and Pearson at Cockington Court Craft Centre, specialising in high quality knitwear and tailoring.

Torbay Mayor, Gordon Oliver, said: “Cockington Court Craft Centre provides an excellent base for both new and established businesses. Sam and Susan have amassed a vast amount of experience during their careers in industry and I’m sure they will put this to good use in their new venture.”

Susan, who specialises in cashmere scarves, said: “We love Devon and Dartmoor and jumped at the chance of opening a studio at Cockington. We’ve both worked in industry and Sam has worked with many of the luxury high end UK brands. These include Alexander McQueen, Long Tall Sally, High and Mighty, COS (part of H and M) and Van Heusen.

“My background is knitwear design and textile design for big companies. We wanted to be out of the London hub and here we can be more creative and develop and create individual items.”

The couple previously had their own company, SP2, and are now planning to collaborate on some projects turning their hand from the initial design, pattern making and cutting, to creating the garments themselves.

Sam explained: “We provide a service from concept to realisation looking at colours and the latest trends. We can offer the whole package and help with the look and design of a garment which will suit the customer. Clients have different options as we can provide patterns only, if people want to make the items themselves.”

“We’re mixing the modern world with the traditional world. Tailors used to mark the measurements direct onto the fabric and clients would have to go in for several fittings. We make the patterns which can be stored on a computer so we have them for the next time. It makes it a lot easier for clients as they don’t have to come in for several fittings. We can email patterns anywhere in the world and we have clients who do take advantage of this.”

Throughout his career, Sam has amassed hundreds of patterns which can be adapted for tailored waistcoats, coats and jackets, skirts and trousers, shirts and blouses and casual wear. The couple can also create bespoke silk waistcoats and bridesmaids dresses for weddings.

Marissa Wakefield, Cockington Court Craft Centre director, said: “Sam and Susan have a wealth of talent and can uniquely turn their hand from the initial design of a garment to the finished item. I had been hoping to attract a high quality bespoke tailor to link with the hugely successful wedding businesses here at Cockington Court and then one day on my desk arrived Sue and Sam’s application for a studio space. When I saw their work and read that they had attended the Royal College, one of the highest Textile colleges in the UK, I knew they were perfect. I’m so pleased they decided to bring their creativity to Cockington Court.”

Cockington Court Craft Centre is one of the South West Business Centres managed by the TDA, whose manager, Adrian Sheen, said: “Sam and Susan are providing a great service to customers who want a tailored garment. They’re able to produce a wide range of clothing, using their expertise to make sure it suits the individual.”

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