Demand grows for popular leading artist and sculptor Marc Heaton

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Marc Heaton has had a studio at the Sea Change studios at Cockington Court Craft Centre for three years and during that time has become known for his colourful and fun sculptures and paintings.

Over the years, his work has developed in its style, while demand has continued to grow. Many of his works have been sold through commissions and leading galleries such as the Rostra Gallery in Bath. This great demand has encouraged him to take his work to the Battersea Affordable Arts Fair.

Torbay Mayor, Gordon Oliver, said: “I’m glad to hear Cockington is providing a great base for Marc to work and I’m pleased his paintings are in demand.”

Marc explained how the characters he uses in his paintings have advanced with each piece of work telling more of a narrative than his previous works.

Marc said: “I still enjoy abstract work but my latest pieces are much more realistic and there is more of a story to them now.”

Marissa Wakefield, Cockington Court Craft Centre Director, said: “Marc’s sculptures and paintings always make me smile. His work has certainly changed over the time he has been here at Cockington Court and I’m pleased it is selling well.”

Cockington Court Craft Centre is managed by TDA and is one of the South West Business Centres, whose manager, Adrian Sheen, said: “It’s great to hear Marc’s works are sought after and he is receiving many commissions. I’m sure he will do very well at the Affordable Arts Fair.” 

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