Mads Vintage thrives at Cockington Court

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Maddy Heaton opened her studio, Mads Vintage, at Cockington Court Craft Centre last summer and since then hasn’t looked back.

Specialising in vintage clothing and accessories, Maddy upcycles and recycles a vast range of products and says the last few months have enabled her to build up her reputation and develop a range of products and designs.

“It’s gone very well,” she said. “I’ve been very busy making products and improving designs. Accessories have been particularly popular, particularly 1920s headbands and cloche hats for people going to parties.”

Other popular items are vintage clothes and leather bags, clutch bags and purses – of which Maddy is working on designs and developing a range.

She explained: “I’ve been building up my reputation and have learnt a lot. I now have customers coming into the shop giving feedback and suggesting items they would like which is lovely. They also often bring in items such as tablecloths, trimmings and magazines to see if they can be of any use to me.”

Maddy has been so successful at Cockington Court, that she now makes items to sell in Totnes and is also planning on selling her items further afield at vintage fairs.

“Cockington is a great place to be based with everything that’s going on here,” she said. “The events which are held are really good for bringing people in and I’m hoping the vintage fair will be very successful.”

“Having the studio has enabled me to be creative, it’s given me a wonderful opportunity - I really do enjoy being here.”

Marissa Wakefield, Cockington Court Centre Director, added: “Maddy is very talented and has developed some great designs. Upcycling and recycling are very popular and I’m sure programmes such as Downton Abbey must provide an immense source of inspiration to her customers, helping to keep the 1920s a popular era.”

Cockington Court Craft Centre is run by Torbay Development Agency as a visitor attraction and innovation centre to support small creative businesses in the Bay.

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