Marc enjoys his best year at Cockington Court

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The New Year is bringing new opportunities and developments for painter and sculptor Marc Heaton. Marc, who has a studio at Cockington Court Craft Centre, is due to open a second workshop in the newly converted barn at the centre next month to develop his work further.

The new workshop will build on Marc’s best year yet with the end of 2013 being particularly busy.  And he said demand for his paintings – many based on everyday scenes - has been so ‘crazy’, he can’t produce enough work.

Over the last few months, galleries have increasingly approached him to sell his paintings with the result that he now has work in Totnes and Axminster, with a new exhibition due to open in Buckfastleigh on March 1 which will feature all new paintings.

“I’ve been painting and painting like crazy. I can’t paint enough. I’m just going with the flow,” he said.

“I love it. I start with initial scribbles and don’t always know where a piece is going. It just develops. I’ve also received commissions from people in the village which is really pleasing.”

And Marc puts part of his success down to the fact that his work is continually evolving.

“Some artists fall into the trap of doing the same thing. My work has always developed. I love my work and what I do.”

He added: ““I’m looking forward to moving into the barn and to being able to paint larger pieces and make more sculptures.

“At the moment, I have to do my welding outside which isn’t always practical. It will be great to be able to weld inside.”

Marissa Wakefield, Cockington Court Centre Director, added: “Marc’s works always bring a smile to people’s faces. I’m looking forward to seeing his sculptures and paintings increase is scale with the larger space that he will have after he has moved into the barn.”

Cockington Court Craft Centre is run by Torbay Development Agency as a visitor attraction and innovation centre to support small creative businesses in the Bay.

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