Gorillas Galore at Cockington Court! The Great Gorillas Project - until 13 October 2013

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Cockington Court is really getting into the popular Great Gorillas project and now has six gorgeous gorillas here at the Court!

These uniquely decorated gorilla sculptures are part of a world-class mass public art event in the English Riviera and Exeter, and demonstrate the wealth of artistic talent in the area, while also highlighting the significant conservation threat facing wild gorillas and how local businesses can make a difference.

Visitors to Cockington Court can spot the gorillas whilst visiting the free attraction at the heart of the English Riviera’s popular thatched village which also boasts 22 craft studios, tea rooms, horse and carriage rides and a full calendar of events set in 360 acres of country park. The gorillas are spread around Cockington Court Craft Studios and Manor House. 

'Hearts' by Kirstie Allsopp

As well as presenting award-winning property and craft TV shows, Kirstie Allsopp has a wealth of experience in the interior design field. Kirstie has produced an inspiring bold and original style which is reflected in this beautiful step and repeat heart design.

‘Gatsby’ by Hamble & Jemima

This striking gorilla has been given a big Hamble & Jemima makeover, using zips and fabric remnants. It’s colourful, vibrant and very tactile, but has a twist of fresh, feminine and traditional English style. Hamble & Jemima have a studio at Cockington Court.

‘Patch’ by Elmwood School, Somerset

Pupils decided to use decoupage technique to decorate their Gorilla. They chose a mix of colours, with each child sticking their own individual piece onto Patch.

‘ERMEdangered’ by Erme Primary School, Devon Based on a pupil’s designs and picked by the Erme Primary School Council, the Cross River Gorilla is painted with the distinctive markings of the Whale Shark, Nigerian Giraffe, Amur Tiger, Mountain Zebra, Snow Leopard, Hawksbill Turtle and Javan Rhino; just some of the other species of animals that are endangered in our world.

‘George’ by Children’s Hospice South West Staff, families and children all played their part in George’s creation. Making handprints is a wonderful sensory activity. George was decorated during one afternoon, providing a snapshot of a day at Little Bridge House.

‘Chico’ by Cockington Chocolate Company Made by chef, Tony Fagan, paying tribute to the Great Gorillas project. Taking seven days to complete, the model was sterilised and the chocolate applied in delicate 5mm layers to avoid cracking using a palette knife and piping bags. It was then wrapped in cellophane and the finished creation will keep for up to six months.

Chico is slightly smaller that the official Great Gorillas, standing at 30 inches - it still took 10kilos of chocolate to cover him! Chico will be raffled to raise money for Paignton Zoo, which is a registered conservation charity (raffle tickets are on sale for £1 from the Cockington Chocolate Company). You can see him in the Cockington Chocolate Company studio and just for the real chocolate lovers out there: the gorilla is made with Ecuadorian Arriba chocolate, a blend of the forastero and trinitario beans. "It is edible – and when it's gone, you have a gorilla statue," said Mr Fagan.

Mayor of Torbay, Gordon Oliver said: “The Great Gorillas project is one of Torbay’s major events this year to entertain and enthral visitors and residents and add to the rich cultural landscape of the English Riviera. I hope that many people will come to Cockington Court to enjoy our visiting Gorillas, and take part in the unique artisan shopping experience and country park at Cockington Court, at the heart of Cockington village.

Cockington Court Centre Director, Marissa Wakefield said: “I am delighted that Cockington Court, as Torbay’s flagship creative hub, is playing such a big part in this exciting arts project. It is bringing many people back to the Court who are seeing how it has been developed, and the event is proving very popular with people of all ages. This is an excellent home for such a wonderful array of Gorillas, and the Court is a great setting for such colourful creatures!”

For more information on The Great Gorillas Project, visit the Great Gorillas website www.greatgorillas.org.uk and for more information about the range of events and attractions at Cockington Court visit www.cockington.org

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