Cockington Chocolate Company takes on additional unit

17th December 2012

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Cockington Chocolate Company opened its doors last year and hasn’t looked back since.

Owned and run by Tony Fagan and Simon Storey, the company, which is based in the Sea Change Craft Centre buildings at Cockington, started by selling small amounts of chocolate in the Cockington Court Tea Rooms which the couple also run, before they decided to split operations and open the new unit.

Now, two staff are employed and a third – an assistant Chocolatier – is about to be taken on.

The idea for the business came from a holiday in France where Simon and Tony toured several hand-made chocolate operations. Having completed an intensive specialist course with a top chocolate house, Tony - formerly a chef - was able to fulfil a lifetime ambition to become an artisan Chocolatier.

The business has since become so successful, reaching a point in the summer when the order book had to be closed, that Tony and Simon have decided to take the opportunity to open an additional workshop at Cockington in the New Year.

Tony explained: “Our original intention was to stay small but we have been overwhelmed with demand and extra space is needed. We will be keeping the shop on but we reached a point this summer when we had to close the order book as we couldn’t cope with any more orders. We’ve been very successful supplying shops and hotels.”

Together with extra space to make chocolates, the new unit will also be used for running classes and courses on chocolate making.

The current shop will be also be used for events such as chocolate tasting sessions.

Tony added: “Cockington works very well for us. It’s an amazing place to come to work. People love seeing the chocolate being made. Everything we sell is made by me.”

Torbay Mayor, Gordon Oliver, said: “It’s wonderful that Cockington Chocolate is enjoying so much success at Cockington. Tony and Simon have an extremely successful formula and obviously are working very hard to achieve their goals. They are both great examples of how Torbay Council’s economic development company, the TDA, is helping businesses expand and grow at the South West Innovation Centres, of which Cockington is a unique craft focused venture.”

Marissa Wakefield, Cockington Court Centre Director, added: “I’m very pleased Cockington Chocolate has proved to be so successful that Tony and Simon are taking on an additional unit. They are very inspirational people and I can certainly vouch for Tony’s chocolate being extremely tasty and far too tempting! I’m sure their courses will be extremely successful with many people wanting to learn how to make such delicious chocolate.”

Torbay Development Agency (TDA) Chief Executive, Steve Parrock said: “I wish the Cockington Chocolate Company every success in their expansion at Cockington Court, which is testament to their talent and hard work. This company is a great example to showcase Cockington Court Craft Centre as an excellent business community, in which the artisan tenants and the complementary businesses at the Court and surrounding village bring a unique character to this popular visitor destination.”

Cockington Court Craft Centre is run by Torbay Development Agency as a visitor attraction and innovation centre to support small creative businesses in the Bay.

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