Flower La Vita

Flower La Vita is situated in the delightful Craft Centre of the picturesque Devonshire village Cockington.  Owner Vita warmly welcomes you to visit her workshop and will happily discuss design process and help you to put together your vision for your floral piece so it’s just ‘perfect’. She is always inspired by nature and have her own unique style and approach to flower arranging, preferring more natural and wild floral arrangements.

Flower La Vita creates Wedding Floral arrangements and funeral flowers for remembrance. Event planning with floral arrangements is also one of her passions and is becoming more popular with local businesses.

Don’t let a visit to Cockington Village pass without stopping by. Flower La Vita would love to see you and work with you to create something unique!

See you soon! 

Tel: 07565 939892

E-mail: vita@flowerlavita.co.uk