Trish Woods

Contemporary works in pewter, metals, prints and drawing

Trish Woods studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Loughborough College of Art and Design and works predominately in pewter, aiming to produce a new and desirable aesthetic to this intriguing traditional material through contemporary designs. She specializes in statement jewellery pieces and giftware items that explore contrasts between form, surface, colour, texture and other metals. She also practices drawing and printmaking which supports design ideas.

"I take my inspiration from the world around me. Sometimes nature's forms, patterns and colours, sometimes the human figure and sometimes the man made world of architecture. Making, drawing and design are an integrated whole whereby one activity supports and informs another."

Recent research investigated chemical processes for colouring tin and pewter which have now been patented by Plymouth University and she has presented numerous papers on the subject both nationally and internationally.

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Work available for sale and commission at Studio 6, Seachange Craft Studios

Tel: 07908097670